Tasty Addition to Meal Plans for Instructors

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Recommended ingredient in healthy and tasty meal plans for fitness programmes by leading fitness instructors.
Why do top fitness instructors include Donegal Rapeseed Oil in their meal plans?

” I use Donegal Rapeseed oil in all my meals and also recommend it to my clients.
It is one of the best tasting oils on the market and the high flash point makes it great for cooking.I honestly think that no other oil compares to it regarding quality.”
Emmet Rushe, Rushe Fitness



Emmet Rushe is a Personal trainer and Owner of Rushe fitness, a private training facility in Donegal.
Emmet has years of experience in both training and nutrition coaching and has studied and trained with some of the best and brightest minds in the fitness and training community from around the world.

Rushe Fitness is also the current Strength and conditioning facility for both Donegal Senior and Minor GAA teams.

Tasty meal plan examples from Rushe Fitness

Shrimp and Noodles


Sausage & Tomatoes with Zucchini Cakes


Real Healthy Zucchini Cakes


Are you a fitness instructor that uses meal plans?

If so discover the unique taste of Donegal Rapeseed Oil and add some flavour to your recipes. This along side the health benefits of Donegal Rapeseed Oil will get your clients raving about your meal plans.

For more information on our healthy oils includes facts from our qualified nutritionists , please contact us via marketing(at) Donegalrapeseedoil.com or contact us here.

Available in 1,000s of stockists nationwide

Donegal Rapeseed

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